Site visits, product inspections and audits

P.E.S.C. Laboratory is one of the only independent polymer and plastics testing laboratories in Southern Africa. We practice in specialised polymer and plastics testing, certification testing, systems implementation, product failure investigations, production enhancement, thermoplastic welding and product quality inspections, product quality verifications, monitoring and auditing, quality control training and systems development, and many more.

Polymer and Plastic Products

Plastic products comes in many shapes and sizes, each with their own unique physical and mechanical properties. P.E.S.C. can guide manufacturers and end-users to what testing can be conducted to verify the products’ performance and quality. If certification is required for a product, we can guide individuals on what processes should be followed and the options currently available in South Africa.

We can also assist customers in determining possible causes of failures for products that failed during use or causing hassles in an environment.

Site visits, product inspections and audits

When a product’s quality, usability or performance is in question, P.E.S.C. can assist in determining what processes should be required to prove a product’s compliance to given standards. Whether it is plastic piping delivered to site, compatibility of intricate designed products with certain end uses, or documentation control related to product quality, we are able to assist.

P.E.S.C. consultations are unique and one of a kind in Southern Africa, and our fees are highly competitive. Should you be unsure if we can help you in your endeavours, please feel free to contact us for guidance and assistance.