PESC Audits ensure the best polymer and plastic products on the market

PESC has a combined work experience of almost 60 years for engineering and sciences. Upon starting our plastics and polymer testing laboratory in July 2015, our main focus was to contribute to the quality of polymer and plastic products by delivering services to the highest of standards. P.E.S.C. laboratory has developed a specialised audit program for polymer and plastic product manufacturers in and around South Africa.

PESC Quality Compliance Audits are so designed to ensure optimal product quality, raw materials safety and compliance to product specifications, customer expectations and requirements. Furthermore, these audits also help manufacturers to understand what is required to manufacture the best products for their customers and prove their compliance.

Typical fields of audit include:

  • Company quality system and policies;
  • Quality control plans;
  • Production quality control;
  • Types of raw materials used, their certificates of conformance, food safety approval ratings, etc;
  • Quality control testing as required by product type, specifications and/or customers;
  • Visual inspections of product quality;
  • Data storage and control of documents for traceability purposes.

Our audits are not limited to specifications or certain product designs. Each audit is planned in such a way that accommodates the product types and manufacturing techniques in question.

With PESC Audits, you are just another step closer to manufacturing and ensuring the best polymer and plastic products on the market.